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When your horse is here, your horse is home.

A handsome chestnut horse gazes happily into the camera.

Serenity Retirement Boarding is a full-service boarding facility in Powhatan, VA. We offer our horses quiet pastures and abundant TLC.


Free access to quality round bale hay and automatic waterers give your horse the free choice they so enjoy. Our roomy run-ins have a cushy bed of sand inside for your equine to snuggle into. We will schedule and hold for veterinary visits, farrier services, and any special services your horse requires. Blanketing services, twice-daily grain feedings, and medication administration are also provided to all our boarders.

Our family lives on the Serenity grounds and we love spending time with our equines. Our founder is a registered veterinary technician with 30 years of horse experience- including many years running a 40+ horse training facility. Your horse will have check-ins and loving, hands-on attention frequently throughout the day. When your horse is here, your horse is family... your horse is home.

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Welcome home!

A beautiful bay broodmare has a Santa Clause hat and a tiara on her head.


The Princess of Perfection


The Gentleman


The Speedy Fairy Princess

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Pasture board

We have three pastures available for our boarders. All of our pastures have open space for sunbathing and play, along with abundant trees for hanging out in the shade. Our pastures are surrounded by Centaur fencing so your horse can have a beautiful AND safe environment.

An adorable donkey has the sun shining behind her enormous ears.


We offer full blanketing services for all our boarders! Whether your horse has a full winter coat or keeps their summer sheen, we will make sure they are comfortably toasty during those cold winter nights. They'll get to sunbathe and roll without sheets or blankets on warm days with good weather. With over thirty years of horse experience caring for your equine, you can rest assured they will be blanketed appropriately.

Feed options

Our horses have free access to round bale hay throughout the day. We also provide twice-daily feedings with grain provided by Serenity; all you need to provide is the supplement(s) of your choice. If your horse needs grain more than twice a day, don't worry! We work with you to meet your horse's needs and keep them happy and well fed.

A row of horses in their blankets enjoy their evening meal.


Any medications your horse requires will be given on time, every time! Medications are provided by the owner/veterinarian, but we will administer injections,  oral medications, eye ointments, or any other medication your horse requires. 

Our boarding fee includes all of these services at a flat rate of $425 per horse per month.

Does your horse need a service that's not listed here?
Just ask! Additional services are available on request.


Tours available by appointment only.

Powhatan, VA

(833) 851 - 9187

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