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Rachel and Mathew Stauffer moved across the country in December of 2021 and found their forever home in Powhatan, Virginia. Soon after the couple finished putting down roots, Mathew's entire family made the journey as well! Farm life is new to many of us and we are enjoying every moment of learning and growth. The family currently has three dogs, a cat, a turtle, three horses, two donkeys, 11 chickens, and 5 guinea hens.

Rachel has been an avid horsewoman for 30 years and enjoyed learning several different disciplines, though her main background is in the hunter/jumper discipline. She managed a 40+ horse full-service training facility for many years before joining the veterinary profession as a Registered Veterinary Technician. Rachel continued on to achieve her credential as a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Emergency and Critical Care, then became one of the country's first traveling veterinary technicians. She is passionate about the care, comfort, and health of her charges and loves spending all her free time out with the horses.


We believe that every horse deserves loving, attentive care even if they are not in a work program. "Pasture ornaments" are our passion- we have gotten so much out of our relationships with our performance horses, and now we get to give back to equines in the quiet times of their lives. Our horses are part of our family- and yours can be, too.

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The founder of the business snuggles one of her donkeys, who is wearing Christmas-themed antlers.
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